Pepe Longfellow specializing in Designer Dog Clothing is inspired by a little poodle my Dad found abandoned at Lake Waco. The little dog was starving, his fur matted with stickers and he could barely open his eyes.  My Mother, who was not a dog lover, was not happy with the new addition to our already large family of six kids.  Just one look at our faces, my Mom knew what she had to do, so off to a groomer he went! When he returned with bows, red painted toe nails and his new name Pepe, we were over the moon...not my mom so much but she agreed to let him stay! I loved that little dog so much that it was only fitting to name my business after him and in case you were curious...Longfellow was the street that I grew up on!
Pepe Longfellow offers you the finest in pet products so your pets can have the best! On our site you will find collars, furniture, beds, feeders, clothes and more. We are a family owned business and strive to keep our prices low and we ship for free to the United States no matter how much you spend.  

Welcome to the Pepe Longfellow Doggie Designer Fashion Outlet!