Vanderpump Pets

Vanderpump Pets, brought to life by Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Todd, and their vivacious pup Giggy, is a collection of any and all luxury accessories your pooch could ever deserve.

Lisa and Ken’s adoration for Giggy and their 7 other dogs sparked a desire to make a line, inclusive of leashes, collars, toys, apparel, dog bowls… all of which are fit for your furry king or queen. Our fine quality pieces deliver a one-of-a-kind look, specially designed to bring a unique, couture design to the everyday pet.

Lisa Vanderpump...a fashion-passionate philanthropist and entrepreneur…wanted to find a way to mix fashion and luxury with giving back to the world of dogs. And thus, Vanderpump Pets was born.

With every purchase of one of the Vanderpump Pets leashes or collars, a percentage goes towards the Vanderpump Dog Foundation, an organization focused on ending dog torture both locally and internationally.

We invite you to show off your fur baby in high style with this collection of luxury, yet affordable & upscale accessories. Help your pooch steal the spotlight, and take on the world in style!

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