Dallas Street Dog Advocates Throwaway to Runway Event July 24, 2019 07:44

Throwaway to Runway is a Dallas Street Dogs Advocates (DSDA) fundraising event that features former street dogs transformed into adoptable dogs strutting their stuff on the runway. Many of the dogs we rescue suffer severe medical problems due to neglect and abandonment, but, no matter what, dogs remain our loyal companions. We are honored to have Texas’ very own LeeAnne Locken hosting our inaugural event. LeeAnne actively serves and inspires the great city of Dallas by raising awareness for several charities. Join us as we honor Man's Best Friends who have overcome all odds. This event is a fantastic chance to join us in highlighting, when given an abundance of love and care, the incredible transformation of former ‘throwaway’ street dogs into stunning ‘runway’ worthy pets. All funds raised at this event go directly to the efforts of DSDA as we are 100% volunteer operated 501c3 nonprofit. This is an event to honor all our street dogs and those that overcame the odds and went from ‘Throwaway to Runway’.